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Hey I'm Ari and I'm cursed with my love of fictional characters.
This is a multifandom blog, so it's primarily a mess of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hannibal Sherlock and Avengers stuff.
bucky has a bionic arm with the capability to crush steve’s throat but instead he hits him because no matter how angry or confused bucky is, some part will always recognize steve and think “keep him alive keep him alive”



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I’m with you to the end of the line, pal.

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the true gay icons

ive been waiting for these gifs together in one set my whole life

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Marvel: *makes Avengers*
Marvel: *makes Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America sagas*
Marvel: *makes Agents of Shield*
Marvel: *makes Guardians of the Galaxy*
DC: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... MORE BATMAN.
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fun fact: if you say ‘bucky barnes is a villain’ three times into a mirror then steve rogers will appear and punch you in the face

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yeah that’s true, but is it tru

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